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Discover Objectivity

My Objective
Base EductationTM

Give your financial plan a chance at being objective. Try our ethically enhanced courses and assessments designed to maximize objectivity while learning key financial planning concepts.

My Perfect
Financial PlanTM

The perfect plan is always what you say it is. Our uniquely qualified advisors are guided by your interests plus committed to maximizing impartiality.

No Prequalification, Just Advice.

Our free Advice-OnlyTM advisor directory lets you hire your perfect advisor without the requirement to initially disclose your personal financial details. No middleman, no invasive algorithms, no financial requirements, no pre-judgement of implementation – just paid objective advice.
Retirement Financial Advisor

My Objective
Base Eductation

Give your retirement plan a chance at objectivity. Start with our 10-year educational system ethically enhanced to maximize the objectivity of your financial retirement education.


Rethinking Retirement Planning Moves (2023)

Rethinking Retirement Planning Moves (2023)

Change in financial planning should generally be taken in stride.…
What's My Perfect Retirement Plan?

What's My Perfect Retirement Plan?

The “perfect” plan is what the individual client says it…
"Qualify" Yourself for Long Term Care Insurance

"Qualify" Yourself for Long Term Care Insurance

Purchasing or not purchasing Long Term Care Insurance is a…

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s the idea! Our courses are written by real financial advisors who personally craft financial plans for the public. We find clients prefer planning with their instructors versus being referred out to someone else.
There are two core services when using the Advice OnlyTM process:
1) Subscribe to a course.Our courses are written by practicing financial advisors. Each course is individually priced and includes quizzes, assessments, videos, and exercises. Course topics are designed to complement a student’s lifestyle, stage of life, and financial interests.

To get started, download via the Apple or Google Play stores.

2) Find an advisor. Each Advice-OnlyTM advisor individually sets pricing for courses, standalone financial plans, and paid consultations. Check the “Find an Advisor” tab in our app to connect with an advisor today and understand how they work.

To get started, download via the Apple or Google Play stores.

No. We believe in equal access to advice, and we understand that for some clients maximizing objectivity generally means not initially divulging certain sensitive personal financial information until a formal advisory agreement is in place. That way, clients know their asset size is not the sole consideration in what they pay or the services offered.
We know from experience that it is generally in a client’s objective best interest to be fully engaged, maintain a positive attitude, and likely have first completed the “base education” and assessment requirements conveniently made available through our app. Consultations may be appropriate before course completion in some situations and at a client’s request, but for efficiency for both clients and advisors, we generally encourage base education fulfillment before engagement with an advisor.

Our app’s privacy policy generally avoids our collection of personally identifiable information unless necessary to service your account. We do not currently collect for our usage the information you enter for quizzes, assessments, and when using exercises, or generally whenever a user engages with the material. We do, however, make this information available to you to use with whomever you choose.

Anonymized and generalized information such as the total number of users, usage statistics, and threat detection may be available to us by our systems or from 3rd party service providers, but only to the extent to improve our systems, protect the integrity of our system and the overall quality of our services.

Our 3rd party processors, such as the Apple and Google Play stores, have their respective privacy and data use policies. Click here to view a list of all our current 3rd party service providers and learn how your data is protected.

Note: Advisors in the directory that are in the business of providing personalized advice have individual privacy policies, 3rd party processors of their own, and disclosure statements as required by law.