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Rethinking Retirement Planning Moves (2023)

Change in financial planning should generally be taken in stride. Frequent shifting makes investment management and other financial planning reports difficult to analyze. That said, cycles end and new cycles begin. It’s during these times retirees might consider a potential reset. Updates to Rates of Return. Rates of return are tied to a dollar’s expected […]

“Qualify” Yourself for Long Term Care Insurance

Purchasing or not purchasing Long Term Care Insurance is a personal choice. By reading this article, one is open to the concept of Long-Term Care Insurance for later years and protecting their assets in retirement using insurance. If one doesn’t believe in the idea or the decision has been made, you can save yourself the […]

Guaranteed income plan

How Much of a Guarantee Do I Actually Need?

Guaranteed income offers all kinds of benefits to a financial plan but also comes with tradeoffs, namely growth, and cost. Finding the “sweet spot” for a guarantee in a financial plan is tricky and not always readily apparent. Furthermore, differences in opinion within a family unit can cause disagreement about the “perfect” design. When referring […]

They're Selling You The Sizzle, Not The Steak

They’re Selling You The Sizzle, Not The Steak

So the larger planning firms must be better at what they do, right? They must have proprietary skillsets, technology, and other solutions that are only available through them. After all, they currently hold almost all of America’s wealth and frontload a shocking amount of lobbying money against the fiduciary standard. The assumption by many clients […]